Where I’ve Been

So…. I’ve never been a good blogger….

Lately I’ve been craving to write something, sharing with anyone who could be reading this, and thinking that I might start writing themed post. You know, like those people whose blog is dedicated for a theme, like their hobbies or interests.

I thought about moving somewhere else to write, like make new blog or something. But then I think, since my blog name is “Neverending Life Stories”, maybe I should just write here, so in the future, I myself can reflect on things I used to do, remember moments I might forget, and you (if any) who read this blog might know me better from what I wrote then and what I’m writing now. Kind of watching me grew from a silly highschool girl, into a (hopefully) mature woman who knows what I want to be in life.

So, here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been. Kind of a recount on what have happened this couple months :

1. First of, I’m so sad that my cat Momo died today :”( I don’t really know what happened to him, but my Mom think it might be because he ate a mouse that was poisoned to death. He used to be a stray cat roaming around my sister’s school. One day my sister wanted to have a cat, so after a few observations, she and My mom decided to took him home. He wasn’t quite a kitten when my sis took him, he was like, maybe 6-8 months old, not so tiny and cute, but he got a very warm attitude towards human. He liked to be cuddled, follow us around, and he never once meowing like crazy, wanting to get out of the house like any other stray cats usually did. He even loved to sleep on the couch and bed (this one is absolutely forbidden since he’s still a stray cat (we’d let him out every time we go out, so he wouldn’t be locked alone inside an empty house) so he’s dirty and I’m allergic to cat’s fur). And what I loved the most about him is that he always come back when we get home. Sometimes when we didn’t let him in, he would just wait outside on the porch. And the funny thing about him, he learned to sit when he’s scolded. Like when he jump up on a table, we’d scold him and he wouldn’t get down, instead he sit still on the table……
I can’t say enough about him, I liked him a lot and might even loved him. So here’s some photos of Momo :

 sleeping on the couch, taken 3 days ago

Momo and me, he didn’t know he was being photo-ed. 11 days ago.

Some hours before he finally let out his last breath 😥

Rest in Peace, Momo. I will miss you a lot 😦
2. These past years, I have been loving crafts. Last year or the year before I started to learn how to crochet and I have been collecting quite a bunch of threads, mostly local (imported ones are very expensive here). The only problems with crochet is it takes a long time and a big patience to finish even a small poject. And I’m not exactly the patient type. So I would go and make a project, then I’m tired or bored, and I would go make another one and never finish the first one. This goes until I have about 6-7 uncomplete projects. Oh and my back hurts a lot when I crochet. So then around the end of April or the beginning of May this year, I read some sewing blogs, and it inspires me A LOT. Like I wanna make something right away. And I did. I made my sister a pencil case, a pair of shorts and a top, a cushion cover, and some simple pouches. I’m gonna write this more on another post that I should not forget to write.
3. Lately I have been so keen on make up and beauty world. I don’t really remember how it started but I think it was because I was looking a review for a certain product, then I got hooked when I found Amarixe’s Blog and found out that she makes beauty videos. Then I started looking at other beauty guru’s videos and finally here I am kind of addicted to makeup and beauty world. I know there’s a community here called Indonesian Beauty Blogger, but I don’t think I would be qualified to be a member anytime soon. I would like to start writing reviews on some products though, because I found that reviews are very helpful for those who want to buy something but not sure about the quality of the products. I’m gonna need a better than my phone camera to  pick on the closest to original colors for swatches and stuff, so maybe these reviews will come out later, infrequent and sporadically depending on whether or not I have a product to be reviewed.
4. Last May I have an assignment to stay on a kind of village-y (?) part of Depok. I was supposed to stay for about a month with some friends in a group that I’m not actually close to. We are assigned to do both 10 group and personal counseling/ person in our group while we were there. So my group had to do the total of 40 group counseling and 40 personal counseling (there were 4 of us in the group). I thought that would be so horrible and scary and boring thing to do, but I was actually quite a good experience (although once in a lifetime is enough for me), but I was glad that it finally pass. Now come the nightmare : THE REPORT. 
So…. more update on what I’ve been up to will (hopefully) come up on a few days, a week tops. I need to get my report done tonight.
Good night, hope you all have a good day tomorrow 🙂


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