A Week In Recount #1

Hi there!
I found that when a blog have series, it makes me wanna read it even more! Why? Well, because I feel like I would want to know the continuation of what happened before. What changed, what stayed the same. And so here I am trying to make a series for my own blog.

This one might not be as interesting for you than it is for me. But as some of you (if any) might know, this blog used to be my personal blog where I only wrote personal stories, thoughts and so on. So I want to continue doing that, but this time in a series called “A Week in Recount” where I just sort of briefly write the activities I did and things that happened in the past week. And since I’m not the kind to write diaries/journal I thought this series would be perfect to be a reminder for me to (maybe) reflect on things that I have done in the past.

So, on Monday, June 17th I was quite crazy with report. Yes, the report for the internship were I stayed for a month at the kind of village-y part of Depok. This report would then be presented in the class on Tuesday, June 18th.

Tuesday, June 18th. Report presentation. Sleepover at my friend’s rented room (kost) to kind of catch up with things in the past month (we weren’t in the same group during the internship). Too bad  only three of us could make it.

Wednesday, June 19th. Back from Depok, I was supposed to go check BM with my friend, but sadly it was closed and we were told to come tomorrow, so I went straight home.

Thursday, June 20th. My sis had a class so I had to stay home with my youngest sister and canceled going to BM (again) but turns out my friend went there and IT WAS CLOSED (again). They told us to come today but they’re closed. Again. Okay, go away from the list. I don’t want to take a course at an inconsistent place like that.

Friday, June 21st. MONSTERS UNIVERSITY’S OUT! We (Mom, my 2 sisters and I) went to watch it!~~~ And it was GOOD. All of you who haven’t watched it yet, go watch it. NOW!

Hello, I’m Monsters University student!

Saturday, June 22nd. Went to Plaza Senayan with my family. I wanted to go there because I wanted to check Bunka’s Sewing Book. I found it, but it was far too expensive so I didn’t get it (yet, I hope I will buy it someday). Bought these instead :

Despicable Me toy from McD, a bias binding maker bought at Kinokuniya Craft Bazaar

Sunday, June 23rd. Accompanying my friend to buy Happy Meal at McD just because she wanted the toy. How childish are we?! Haha!

That’s how my week in recount. Hope you enjoyed reading it, Happy Monday!


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