Favorite Beauty Blogger #1

Hello there πŸ™‚

Here’s an attempt to make another series. In this series I will talk about some blogs that I follow (beauty blogs) and love. It’s always fun to share something that you like, right? Right! πŸ˜€

Today I want to share with you the first beauty blog that I discovered. And I would say that through this blog I learned a whole new world of beauty videos on YouTube.

It is Allison’s Blog!

click to visit her site!

Here’s the story,
A long time ago I know only one person on YouTube that channel’s revolve around beauty. It was Michelle Phan (I think I found her through her earlier channel called Rice Bunny). I believe that all you beauty nerds out there known her too. I don’t know how or why I found her on YouTube, but after some time I forgot about it.

It’s only after I found Allison’s blog (www.amarixe.com) that I got hooked on beauty world. She posts a lot of review (I actually found her when I looked for beauty product’s review), haul, NOTD, etc. What I like about her blog is that it is informative without being overwhelming, simple template, pretty pictures… How can I resist?

When I like a blog, I could spend hours and hours browsing through the pages. With such pretty pictures it almost feels like window shopping!

Who’s you favorite beauty blogger?
Do you know Amarixe? I you don’t I suggest you check her out!


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