Favorite Beauty Blogger #2

Hello there,

So, this post is about my favorite beauty blogger. And this one, I know her through YouTube and have been following her for quite some time but never really watch her videos until recently. And once I watch one of her video, I can not stop watching the rest! Can you guess who she is?

She’s Estée from essiebutton!

Click the picture to go to her site!

She’s just a really fun person to watch and she’s older than me (I prefer watching someone who’s older than me because I feel like they know things better and usually the way they talk is more mature). She uploads video regularly (twice a week I think) and updates her site almost everyday.

She don’t wrote much in her posts but she put pretty pictures and she’s being informative enough in my opinion. One thing I noticed though, she tends to buy and review more of middle to high end products that are usually above the price range I can afford. But still I really enjoy reading her blog and often find myself anticipating for her newest post to appear on my bloglovin home.

I highly recommend you to check her beauty blog and be prepared to get addicted!
Happy Tuesday everyone!


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