Haul | MAC Lipstick in Plumful & Bunka Books

So… I’m slacking off again.. sorry about that. Let’s just move on to the haul!

So last Sunday I went to Plaza Senayan. The reason I went there was because I want to get a Bunka Book. When I said Bunka Book, I’m actually referring to a series of book published by Bunka Fashion College under Bunka Publishing Bureau  (I think they’re actually textbooks for Bunka fashion design students). I did get that, but I also cracked and finally got my first MAC lipstick ever!

Let’s talk about the books first. So as you might have known, I’m currently trying to learn sewing or more precisely drafting pattern for sewing. I first knew about this book when I was browsing a thread on Femaledaily (great forum for Indonesian female!). The thread was about sewing your own clothes. One of the member (I’m sorry, I forgot whom) said that Bunka (a Japanese School) has a book about pattern drafting in English, and it is available in Kinokuniya.

I’ve read reviews about this book online, people said its great. I’ve gone to Kinokuniya to look for it and I found it but was shocked to see the price. I asked my friend Fathya who is currently living in Japan about the book. Turns out she has a friend who actually is a student at Bunka, and she said she would go to the bookstore and see the price for me (thank you Fathya & Fathya’s friend!). She said that it’s sold for 2800 yen there! This was even more shocking. Kinokuniya sold it twice the actual price T__T

So, after planning some other ways to learn pattern drafting (which failed) and some negotiating with my mom, she finally said that I can get it! I was so happy! So on Sunday we want to Kinokuniya and get it. Oh and my mom actually allowed me to get two books, yay! So I got the first one which is Fundamentals of Garment Design and the third book which is Blouses and Dresses. I’ve read some of the first book and I agree, it’s great and very detailed! For reference, I don’t like books that states “fast and easy (praktis) way to learn something”. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like fast and easy, but when I really want to learn something, I want to learn from the basics, I want to know step by step, I want to know details. So, this really is the book for me.

Now, on to the MAC lipstick! I usually don’t buy MAC or any higher end brand. I prefer to stick with the drugstore products just because I like lipsticks and I know I will buy more than one and as a student with no income, I would not be able to afford higher end brands if I want to get a lot of it. But I saw Essiebutton’s top 5 MAC lipstick and I cracked. Her choice of colors are definitely gorgeous and it made me really really want to get at least one MAC lipstick.

I was not sure whether I want to get See Sheer or Plumful (both Estée’s favorite). I really like Plumful on her but she has fair skin, so I’m not so sure that Plumful would suit me. I decided that it would be best for me to just go to MAC counter and try the tester on my own lips so I could see which one suit me best, so I did. I tried both and loved both, but See Sheer leans more on the orange side on my lips (I’ve seen people swatches that look more coral), and since I was hoping it would look pinky coral, I decided to just buy the Plumful one (I have no lipstick that looks like this too). And I have no regret! I absolutely like the formula, it’s not too opaque (which I like), and a bit moisturizing I would say.

Here’s how the lipstick looks like on the tube (more swatches later, the lighting is awful right now!)

That’s all, see you in the next post!


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