Review | Green Mommy Rainforest Natural Soaps & Shampoo Bar (Coffee Mint & Cacao)

Coffee Mint Soap 100gr, Rp 20.000,00
Cacao Soap 100gr, Rp 22.000,00

Green Mommy Rainforest Cacao Soap Bar

Hi there! Today I have these soap bars I want to review. They are Green Mommy Rainforest Soap Bar in Coffee Mint and Cacao. Green Mommy is an Indonesian brand that focuses on natural products. Rainforest (used to be Eco-Care) is the skin care range of Green Mommy.

This is actually the second time I have ever ordered these soap bars. The first one I ordered Coffee Mint, cinnamon oats, and nut soap. Of those three I really liked the Coffee Mint one and I decided to repurchase it and add the Cacao to try.

Deasi, the owner of Green Mommy is very concerned about the sustainability of the earth, and her take on making the world a better place is by making an all natural range of products. Matter of fact, she doesn’t only make skin care, she also makes or sells organic spices, food, cleaner, herbal tea, organic loofah, bamboo towel, and even reusable menstrual pad. I really do admire her vision and her work she put into it.

Usually the problem with natural or organic products is : IT’S EXPENSIVE. But say, if you can get a good quality all natural products at a reasonable price, would you replace your conventional product with it? I WOULD.

And Green Mommy is a place to go if you want reasonable priced natural products. I cannot say anything about the products other than the Rainforest range (especially soap), but I think if you’re interested, you should just give it a try! Why pay lots of money for imported products if you can buy a local product that’s might just be as good? So if this post gets you curious, just head over to Green Mommy website!

Let’s move on to the review!

First things first, this soap does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or detergent or artificial foaming agent. For some of you that doesn’t know about SLS, it’s a bad thing to put on your body. Does it lather? YES. I don’t really know how, but apparently when you mix some oils, it lathers. I noticed that the foam this soap made is different from the foam of any SLS based soap. This soap creates a softer, more delicate foam if that make sense. When you’re using SLS based soap, you might notice that it creates a lot of foam, and the foam doesn’t really go away until you rinse it with water. Even sometimes the foam doesn’t disappear, it only moves from your body to the floor of your shower. With this soap, it lathers just enough that you don’t end up using way too much products and it disappears (maybe sinks in to your skin? I don’t really know) even before you rinse your body, and after you rinse, your body feels squeaky clean. Not too squeaky that you feel tight, but squeaky enough that you feel that it really cleanse your skin.

Secondly, this soap bar is multipurpose. You can use it on your face, your body, and your hair. I only use it for my body because it makes my face feel tight, and God knows I have wavy frizzy hair that can only be tamed by using a proper shampoo and conditioner and regular hair mask. I honestly have only tried this once for my hair, but I just can’t stand when my hair is big and frizzy and tangled. And if youre using this soap bar on your hair, it will take longer for the hair to completely dry. And I have a lot of hair that take a long time to dry, so when I use this, it gets even longer for my hair to dry. And I don’t like blowdrying my hair.

I’m gonna talk a little about shampoo. Shampoo has silicone in it that helps detangle your hair. This is considered bad for your hair and the earth so some people decided to go Shampoo free (they call it poo-free) or change their regular shampoo into natural shampoo. Some people who doesn’t use shampoo at all, just wash their hair with water (usually everyday). They said that no matter what kind of hair you have, you will experience bad hair days (tangled especially) for the first few weeks of being shampoo free before you finally notice that your hair has gotten smoother, silkier or a lot better in general. So, if you’re ready to go shampoo free but doesn’t want to use no shampoo at all, I think this soap could be a good replacement for your nasty chemical shampoo.

Enough about shampoo, let’s get going to the review of each kind of soap. The Coffee Mint one is very scrubby because of the coffee powder. This soap gives a serious exfoliation. In fact, I feel like the soap itself exfoliates better than any sponge/loofah/bath gloves I have ever tried. So I suggest you use your favorite sponge/loofah/bath gloves if you think the scrub is too harsh or you don’t really want to scrub your skin. This soap smells just like coffee. I personally cannot distinguish the minty smell (definitely doesn’t feel minty or cooling on the skin). But this soap is very good to get rid of body odor because of the coffee scent.

The Cacao soap does not have any scrubs in it. I like to use this soap with my bath gloves for daily exfoliation. I feel like this one moisturise a bit better than the Coffee Mint Soap. And it also lathers better. Maybe it’s because this soap doesn’t have any scrubs. It smells like… I don’t know. There’s a hint of cacao, but mostly it smells like oil (I’m bad at describing scent). I also like this one a lot.

I guess that’s all I can say about these two little guys. Quite a long post we have here, I hope that’s helpful. I’ll see you in the next post!


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