Favorite Beauty Blogger #3 (plus random talk)

Hello there, it’s midnight here but I can’t sleep and I got this idea for a blog post, so I tought I’d just do it right now!

So, I haven’t been writing this series in a while. I think I’m gonna let the Week in Recount series die, but I’ll try and keep this series alive because I do have some people that I follow on Bloglovin and have been quite enjoying ther posts.

Today’s post is about……

Fleur from fleurdeforce!
If you haven’t know yet, just like Allison and Estée, Fleur have a YouTube channel and she has tons of subscibers (of course I’m one of them). I do enjoy watching her videos, but sometimes it’s hard for me to catch what she’s talking because she’s British and I have a poor listening skill, haha. So, I really like that she has a blog that she updates regularly..

Here’s a sneak peak on how her blog looks like :

disclaimer : this is just a printscreen of her blog, all images and writing is Fleur’s. Click to go to her blog!

She has nice reviews for various products and good quality pictures and swatches, what more could I ask for? So, go ahead and click on the link above to go visit her blog!

I just found out when I was watching Fleur’s Home Haul, that this

IKEA Hemnes Daybed (picture taken form IKEA website)

Is called a DAYBED. So, what’s with that?

I have been wanting this kind of bed for a loooooooooooong time. And all along I thought this is just a regular bed, but turns out, this can be used for lounging (like how you use a couch) and sleeping.


Okay I’m being hyperbolic here. But really, I WANT this kind of daybed. I’m kind of obsessed with pillow(s) or cushion and if I have one of this I surely will put lots and lots of pillows and or cushions on it.

Look what this particular daybed can do! (picture from IKEA website)
(picture from IKEA website)

This is just…. beautiful.

I hope I can have one of this one day.

See you in the next post!


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