Random Ramble

I guess I just want to share my frustration with you. You may be wondering why would I want to share my frustration?

Because THIS is what frustrates me :

print screen of luxola website. Everything in it belongs to Luxola.com

You see that red circle there? Yes, now Luxola.com accepts payment via bank transfer. This is actually a very good news. I’ve been eyeing some stuff there but never got around to buy it because I don’t have credit card and can’t really ask my parents to buy me things I wanna buy there. Now that they accept payment via bank transfer, I can actually buy something like Korres Lip Butter that I’ve been eyeing since last month (read this post).

The problem is…………………….. I’ve been spending quite a lot of money lately and decided to have “spending ban”. Haha, I lied. I’m not on spending ban whatsoever. I just don’t have money to spend right now. And I am the kind of person who just can’t wait to get my hands on something that I want. That’s what frustrates me the most, haha silly I know.

Oh and Luxola provides free shipping to Indonesia for orders above Rp 315.000,00 (Shipping rate is Rp 95.000,00 for orders under Rp 315.000,00). So I suggest you collect things you wanna buy and buy it at once, because Rp 95.000,00 is quite a lot of money for shipping fee and I’d rather spend it on products, agree?

So, now that I’ve shared my frustration, go ahead and buy something from Luxola.com if you :

  1. Don’t have credit card and have been eyeing some things from there
  2. Have some money to spend
Little update about my blog : I’m trying to remove the empty space between my blog title and my posts but have not figured out how, so please bear with it 🙂
Have a good day and see you later!

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