Work In Progress #1 | Peplum Top

I believe you all know what peplum top is. If you don’t well here’s a few pictures to give you an idea of how a peplum to looks like :

(image from here)
(image from here)

So, I was making a Bunka-style sloper. It was the basic one, so it’s supposed to fit your body nicely. After making one, I thought to myself, what can I make this into? Then an image came to mind (light bulb!). The ever so popular peplum top/dress! This peplum tops or dresses are usually tight fitting on the bodice, so I can make some adjustments to the armhole and neckline of my sloper and add a peplum (a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse –definition from, and it’s done. Or I think it is. It was that simple in my mind but much more complicated in the making.

Here’s how my peplum top looks like :

The image might be too blurry for you to see the imperfections of this peplum top. The back was not balanced, the right back side was a bit longer so I have to kind of fold the top when attaching the zipper. I cut the back neckline the same size as the front neckline, so when worn, the neckline hole is gathered at the front, making the chest part too loose. And the armholes are too big.

Well, I will still need to make lots of adjustments, but it was a fun experience making this peplum top. It’s actually not a very hard clothing to make, and I proudly claim that make all the patterns myself! *grins*

What are your thoughts on my first ever try on making woman clothing? Share it on the comment section below!
Good night.


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