Work In Progress #2 | Girls Dress

Hello, we meet again.

So, earlier today my mom bought a piece of clothing, I don’t really know what to call it, but maybe it’s some kind of long romper? It’s something like this (might insert my own pics later) :

image from here

The one that my mom bought was a floral print jersey on the bodice with black cullotes. When I tried it on at home, my sister said that she wanted one like that too. Looking at the construction of the clothing, I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to make, especially for girls clothing (she’s only 8), I don’t need to make darts! So I told her I would make it for her, but instead of cullotes, the bottom would be a skirt (so it’s practically a dress), because it’s easier for her to wear and easier for me to make, haha.

After digging through our fabric collection, we found a brownish green colored fabric and a matching floral printed fabric. Since the brownish green fabric was a bit sheer, I make it into the top instead of the bottom because the bodice part will be fully faced with the same fabric.

I quickly make the pattern, using the Bunka sloper for woman with some adjustments (no bust darts, no shoulder darts, no waist darts, smaller armhole) and her fitted dress for comparison. And here’s the almost finished look :

I did not take her head circumference into consideration when making the neckhole so I imagine it wouldn’t fit through her head, I might need to cut a little on the back and make it secured with button. I will hopefully post a better picture when I’ve done making the adjustments and get hold of a better camera.


I’ve finally finished the dress and this is how it looked like when worn by my sister :

I decided to use a zipper on the back, and since I could not find regular zipper, I used metal teeth zipper instead, haha. My mom said it looked like a bag’s zipper. I also did not do anything with the arm hole because I don’t know what to do with it haha.
As always, thank you for reading, any feedback is much appreciated!

Good night 🙂


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