REVIEW | The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream


Hello, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for about a week. On the last days of Ramadhan, it’s kind of hectic in my house (we were preparing for Idul Fitri feast) plus my grandparents were staying for 3 days. So, before we proceed to the review, I would like to say:

1434 H
May Allah accept all the good deeds we had done during the month of Ramadhan
So, today’s review is about The Body Shop All-in-One BB cream. I got this maybe around February or March, and I have one in the shade #3. I bought this on a whim when my mother needed to buy something from The Body Shop. At the store I didn’t even realize that this BB cream has a choice of shade, I just tested it on my hand and when it didn’t appear too light or whitish I decided to buy it.
The cream comes out white from the tube and contains small beads that will burst out pigment when rubbed to the skin. You can see from the picture above that the side of the tube’s opening are cream colored because the beads bursts when the lid was screwed to the tube.
half blended
This is how the cream looked like, it’s quite runny or liquidy compared to most asian bb creams. On the second picture, you can see that the half blended cream has half pigment bursted from the tiny tiny beads while the unblended side remains white. On the third picture you can see that when blended, the color was a tad too dark, therefore it doesn’t match my skin tone. Keep in my that this is blended to my hand which is darker in color than my face. I think I should’ve gotten the shade #2 which wasn’t available at the store when I bought this.
Shade aside, I really like the consistency of this BB cream because it’s very easy to blend. It gives a sheer to medium coverage with glowy finish. I have quite dry skin so I prefer dewy/glowy finish but I this product gives an almost shiny/greasy finish when applied on my moisturized skin. So I suggest to apply finishing or setting powder after this BB cream to keep your face from looking shiny. I usually use a lighter powder to help lighten the shade of the BB cream.
This BB cream has some kind of oil to help moisturize the skin, but sadly, I think the oil might clog pores and caused me to break out when used frequently.
So, to sum it up here’s the pros and cons of this BB cream :
Pros :
– Available in 3 shades 
– Lightweight 
– Moisturizing
Cons :
– This product caused me to break out
– Might look very shiny on people with oily skin
– A bit on the pricey side (IDR 179.000)

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