Brace Yourself for the Upcoming SALE!

Hello, long time no post. Of course I have another reason, I’m a person with one million and one reason for everything, haha. Here’s my reason : my classes have started since last week, so I’ve been dwelling with college stuffs, this is a quite busy semester despite the fact that I’m in my 7th semester. So, I may not be able to update as often, but I will try to make quick posts every now and then.

Enough with the chatters, I have a good neeeews!

An email came this afternoon, and this is what the email is all about :

YES!! Luxola is having a 30% off! HOW. AMAZING. IS. THAT.
Since the exchange rate from SGD to IDR have been really high lately, I notice that the prices have gone up. So, this is a perfect time to shop! If you’ve been eyeing some stuff up on the site, I suggest you wait for Wednesday to come, and when it come, SHOP RIGHT AWAY! I strongly suggest you to make up your mind from now, so when Wednesday come, you’ll have known what you want to get and order it right away, stocks may not last long when a sale is going, right?

I personally have been eyeing this Alpha-H Liquid Gold which priced quite highly at IDR 410.800,00. With 30% off you can get it at IDR 287.560,00! I tell you, that’s one amazing deal. I think it’s better to shop a higher priced item when a sale like this is happening because you’ll save more money that way. Like that Liquid Gold, you save IDR 123.240,00 with 30% discount, but you’ll only save IDR 42.660,00 if you buy Korres Lip Butter. Still a good deal though, but I think you get what I mean.

Before I say goodbye, here are my recommendation on what to buy at Luxola :
Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit
Konjac Sponge
Sleek Blush or Blush By Three
Tangle Teezer
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm (Vegan)
Butter London Nail Polish


Novel Haul

Hello! I haven’t been writing a post about books since this one.

So, my father had gone to Dublin, Ireland last week when I found out that J.K. Rowling had just published a new novel (under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith) titled “The Cuckoo’s Calling” (I found this out when Fleur from fleurdeforce instagrammed the pic of the book saying that J.K. Rowling wrote a book under a pseudonym). I immidiately asked my father to buy it for me while he’s still in Dublin for fear that the book have not arrived in the shelves of Indonesia’s imported bookstore such as Kinokuniya or Times/Books and Beyond or Periplus. Later, my father contacted me to ask whether I want another book because the bookstore was having a buy one get one half price deal going on. I thought I didn’t want anything else when I suddenly remember that I’ve been wanting to get Dan Brown’s Inferno for some time but still waiting for the paperback version to come out because the hardcover was overly pricy here in Indonesia (IDR 359.000 if I’m not mistaken).

And so tonight when my father finally arrived safely at home and unpack all his bags (he got additional suitcase and a backpack fyi) I was so excited to finally get my hands on this two New York Times Bestseller! I did not forget to take a picture of course.

I have read a sample of The Cuckoo’s Calling on iBooks store and I immidiately realized how different (and kind of hard to understand) J.K. Rowling’s writing style than most English language novel I’ve read before. FYI, English is not my first language, and I’ve read all Harry Potter Books in Indonesian and never read The Casual Vacancy. So when I got the books, I decided to read Inferno first hoping that I would understand it (I have never read Dan Brown’s books in English) despite it being a historical, quite intellectually challenging novel. I am currently on 15th chapter and I’m really enjoying it and understand it quite well so far. Hope that I won’t be bored and neglected this book in the middle like how I never finished reading The Lost Symbol.

One thing I regret is : I did not ask my father to buy me some “things” at Boots! I believe you all know what I mean by “things”, hehe. If only I did, I’d be making a different haul post today :p
Hope you all have a nice weekend ahead, good night and get some much needwd rest!
— Here’s some useful links if you’re interested in buying the books I mentioned above :

The Cuckoo’s Calling, Paperback
Inferno, Hardcover
The Casual Vacancy, Paperback
The Lost Symbol, Paperback

Spotted at Guardian Margo City Depok

Earlier today, September 1st, me and my fmily went to Margo City Depok because my sister need to buy some things for her rented room as tomorrow the semester will start and she will start “habitating” her rented room in Depok. So when we were strolling around the mall, I took a quick look at the display inside Guardian (a drugstore) and guess what I found!

I found BIODERMA! I stupidly did not even thought about taking picture. I just came in, check the display, the variant and sizes they carry and the prices and went back out because I did not have any intention to buy anything there.

Here’s what I can tell you. Guardian carry Bioderma Sensibio in two sizes : 100 ml and 250 ml with the price tag of IDR 110.000,00 for 100 ml and IDR 180.000,00 for 250ml. I don’t know for sure, but I think every Guardian will soon (if not already) stock Bioderma, because Guardian at Margo City Depok is not so big, but they have already stocked it today, September 1st.

So if you’ve been waiting for this product to finally arrive in the shelves of your nearest drugstore, go ahead and give your local Guardian a visit!

I have not seen Bioderma in other drugstores such as Century or Watsons, so if you know more than I do, please do share in the comment section below. I hope you had a good day, have a good night rest for tomorrow is Monday!