Luxola Wishlist #1

I have been eyeing some things from Luxola. If you don’t know me, that’s what I do. I eye products. So, here’s a compilation of both makeup and skincare that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now.

Alpha Hydrox Liquid Gold

Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser


Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter


Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Mask

As you can see I’m in a bit of a skincare kick lately. The problem is, these three skincare products ALWAYS sold out everytime I try to buy it. Well to be completely honest, I only have the intention to buy it when it’s on sale, haha. No wonder I never get the stock :P. Actually, I also wanted an eye blending brush, and I heard that Zoeva has a quite good one, but I don’t know which one it is haha.

Those are all the products I’ve been eyeing from Luxola. I of course, have a lot more other products I’m eyeing from another brand, which I may cover later in another post.

So, what do you think about my wishlist? Most of these products I’ve never tried before, do you think they’re good? Do comment if you have ever tried it before!


See you in the next post!


Lusting Over The Beautiful Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks

I was just  browsing through my Bloglovin feed when I stumbled upon a post by Alix from I COVET THEE. It was about the launch of Tarte in UK. My eyes instantly wandered on the beautiful picture of a familiar Tarte products. Only, instead of the usual Glamazon Lipsticks, there were this incredibly cute lipstick! I have no idea what lipstick that was and when I scroll down to another post, this time by Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup I got my answers. Turns out it was the Amazonian Butter Lipsticks.

1777 1778 1780


Pictures from

How. Beautiful.

I searched the review of these lipsticks right away. Sadly Temptalia rated it C+. And then I found out that the packaging is cardboard. Although this is expected, I kind of worried the beautiful packaging will be easily worn out? The price is is decent though. US$ 16 for 0.1 oz (slightly more than standard MAC lipsticks) or around Rp 240.000,00.


Do you think I should get at least one of it? Have any of you tried these lipsticks? Are they as good as the packaging looks? Do tell me in the comment section down below!



Mini Haul ft. Sally Hansen & L’oreal

Hi all! I hope you’re all doing well. I have been busy with my final paper (do they usually call it thesis?) to finish my undergraduate studies. If everything goes well, I insya Allah will have a bachelor degree by the end of August!

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… I know I have not been posting in the last 3 months, and although I have a lineup of review posts, I just either didn’t have the time or not in the mood to write a post. But today, I have some new exciting products to show (and tell) you all!

So my sister and I were wandering around the mall today, and since my sister wanted to get a lip tint slash lip stain, we walked into a few beauty stores. At first we went in to Etude House, tried some lip stains — they have like 4 variants, one is gloss like, one is creamy, another one was watery and the last one was balm like — which I don’t remember the names, but the colors just wasn’t quite right. Then we went in to The Body Shop. But they no longer sell a lip stain (if I’m not mistaken the used to carry one variant of lip stain). So, we went out and our next stop was Watsons. We went there to look for L’oreal shine caresse stain (Is that even the right name? L’oreal has the most confusing names of all times!). But sadly we found none, so I just look around the display of Sally Hansen, half wishing I would fine the color Gold Roses (which was a limited edition for Fall 2013). Guess what I found instead? I found THIS :

Sally Hansen Face & Bikini Wax Strip Kit – Rp 119.000,00

I have been wanting to get this for a long long time. I even thought of pre-ordering from (see my wishlist here). And now its readily available in the nearest Watsons! Say whaaaaaat? 😀 😀

Of course I went ahead and picked up a box. Which turned out to be very economical since it contais 17 double sided wax strip that equals to about 20 or more brow waxing! Yay!

Okay, enough being too excited.

So we continued our journey to find the L’oreal shine caresse stain at Star Department Store. I knew there’s a L’oreal booth there, and there we found the shine caresse stain. But I was quite pleasantly surprised to see how neat the tester was. It was like new, with decent product still in the tube. There was only 5 shades available, which I think is all the shades that get imported into the asian (or probably just Indonesian) market. I was a little bit annoyed with this but I was more annoyed by how the name of the shades are all different than the American name! I don’t understand why they have to do this! If this was the 80s where internet is barely available to the public, it may be okay because no one will know about a particular product unless it’s available locally and therefore will not look for it. But come on, this is 2014, it’s the 21st century. Everyone has internet and every beauty junkie out there have heard about this product since around summer or fall last year. Naturally, we — beauty junkie — will look for swatches online and after that some of us may drool over a particular shade. We of course will remember the shade by its name. If the company changes the name in other countries, it will definitely confuses us.

Anyway, back to the story. It turned out L’oreal was having a 50% off of the 2nd purchase, so we went ahead and got 2 shades which was Lolita (a nude pink) and Bella (a warm medium pink). Comparing with swatches online, I suppose Lolita is the Asian/southeast asian/Indonesian name of Pink Preserverance and Bella is Pink Resistance. Here are some pics of the products :

L’Oreal Shine Caresse Stain – Rp 129.000,00
Left : Lolita
Right : Bella
Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit for Face & Bikini and L’Oreal Shine Caresse Stain in Lolita (left) and Bella (right)

That is not all I have to say! There’s more exciting news :

  1. I spotted a new liquid lipstick from Maybelline. It was named Lip Polish, and available in 4 colors (a plum, a bright pink, a coral pink, and a reddish pink). I thought these might be the asian version of the Color Elixirs, but looking at Essiebutton’s swatches here, I think the formula of the Lip Polish was more creamy and not as glossy as the ones swatched by Estee. But I was quite sure the tube was almost the same if not identical with the Colour Elixirs. Oh, and I spotted these Lip Polish at Watsons/Guardian in Kuala Lumpur  on January.
  2. L’oreal has the new line of true match BB cream, Lucent Magique Foundation, and Base Magique. I don’t know if this is news, but to me it is.
  3. The new version of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss and some new colors of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is here! And revlon has a new CC cream that I didn’t really pay attention to the names (sorry). And I also spotted the Revlon Matte Balm when I was in Kuala Lumpur, so I expect it to come to Indonesia soon. I really hope they will bring the Revlon Skinlight to Indonesia soon.
That is all I have to say, I hope some of you find this helpful,
Good night 🙂

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