Sephora is coming to town!

Hi there! This is quite an exciting post!

So, last week, my cousin told me a very interesting info. She said she just saw a shop opening soon in Kota Kasablanka, a mall located in Kuningan, Jakarta. And guess what, it’s SEPHORA! That Sephora! The make up slash skincare slash beauty wonderland! I’ve been hearing the rumors for quite some time, but never really know whether or not it’s true. Now that the mall have put out the sign, I think I can safely say Sephora really is coming!

Curious about the opening date, I started Googling “Sephora Indonesia” (it wasn’t really helpful as there was no official news), but then I found out that Plaza Indonesia is going to be the first mall in Indonesia to be the home of Sephora. There was no exact or estimate date of opening, so I searched again with the same keyword “Sephora Indonesia”, but this time in twitter. I found some people asking about it, and some other posting a photo of the “Opening Soon” sign.

Not quite satisfied with what I found, I decided to send a tweet mentioning @Sephora regarding the date of opening for Sephora Indonesia. Surprisingly, they replied. They said that they’re still looking into it and recommended that I asked directly to the mall as they may know better about it. So then I placed a message to the contact section in the website of Plaza Indonesia, asking about the opening date of Sephora. A few days later I got a reply from Plaza Indonesia, they didn’t actually say the opening date but they did mention that it will open in the mid-year, which I think is supposed to be June. Well, it’s still a few months from now, but at least now I am sure that Sephora is coming to town! Really really soon! Yay! 

For those of you who claimed to be a makeup/skincare/beauty junkie, get excited! Save a little (or a lot) money so you’ll be well prepared for your first ever trip to Sephora Indonesia! I do hope the price will not differ much from Sephora Singapore or Malaysia (although there will always be an option to pre-order Sephora stuff directly from the US site if the price here is too high), but even if it is, at least there will be a whole range of products to swatch/try/stare at the store! 😀 

That’s all I can say for now, I’ll keep you updated if there’s more news!


See you later!