Current Wishlist #1

Ever since I’ve had this blog, I had made a few wishlist posts including a Luxola Wishlist, Wishlist, and Another Beauty Wishlist. It seems like wishlists are the posts I most enjoyed making. I think this is mostly because I have a lot of things I want and making wishlists are a way to kind of “rate” which items I wanted most and will prioritize to buy. Although I have to admit sometimes I put something in a wishlist just because I wanted it even if I don’t see when I can ever buy it (especially if it’s something pricey), a.k.a not something I will prioritize buying. Another reason why I like making wishlist so much is because wishlist is a compilation of things I’ve read lots of rave review about or have seen other people wearing. So it’s kind of like a recommendation for people to buy something that even though I have never tried but I’m very interested to or I think I will like.

Seeing how I enjoy making these kind of posts, I may make this a regular thing in my blog which will be set for maybe around 2 weeks apart (or more) from each wishlists to another. And to limit the longevity of the post and to prevent me rambling too much about and possibly recommending a product I don’t even own, I will make each posts feature 5 things (not only limited to beauty) that’s currently in my wishlist.

Enough for the intro, let’s jump to the wishlist.

I know that the picture displays more than 5 products but I promise I’m not cheating here! Let’s go through each items in the wishlist.

Nixon The Kensington Leather in Rose Gold / White

At first I was looking for a watch with Rose Gold color, and then I saw Anna in one of her videos wearing Nixon The Kensington Leather. Hers was in the color black I think. I’ve been seeing this kind  of watches (leather strap and white dial) recently, such as Lily’s Acurist and Rebecca’s Daniel Wellington. I don’t know if this is currently in trend, but I think this kind of watches are timeless, they will last years and years and never go out of style. Out of the three (Nixon Kensington, Acurist, Daniel Wellington), Nixon are probably the one with the smallest dial. I have tiny tiny wrists, so 35 mm dial is probably the best fit for my wrists. Nixon is 37 mm though, but I think it’ll be fine. Watch is the only accessory I wear every time I’m out and about, so I prefer my watches to be something nicely made and not something that’ll break every 6 months or so.

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Remedy

I have been wanting a hand cream for a while. And not one of those supermarket products labeled as ‘Hand and Body Lotion’. Those are too liquidy (hence the name lotion and not cream) and sticky and doesn’t even get absorbed in the palm area. I want the one just for the hands, the ones that are not sticky but moisturising. I’ve heard a lot about Crabtree and Evelyn hand products, so naturally when I think of hand cream I think of Crabtree & Evelyn. When I went to Sephora recently there was a Crabtree & Evelyn display so I’ve got the chance to try their hand creams. They’re nice and not sticky and I think this one has the nicest scent of all! I’m looking for the travel size though, so I can bring it in my purse when I go out.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation or Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

I promise I’m not cheating, and I’m not! This is essentially one product because what I’m looking for is a nice foundation to wear on my Graduation Day. I actually prefer the Tarte one just because it has fuller coverage and cheaper price but I don’t think it’ll be available in stores before my graduation, which brings me to looking up the reviews of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. It seems like one of the most loved of Bobbi Brown bases, and it has very natural finish. Although, I think I will push buying foundation for as long as possible before the day just to give enough time in case Tarte comes to local Sephora before my graduation day.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

I’ve been meaning to post regularly on this website and I think I have to have a notebook for it planning my posts. I don’t actually NEED this particular notebook but I’m not much of a planner and I just thought maybe if I splurge on an expensive notebook I will feel guilty if I don’t use it so I in turn I will actually use it to plan my blog posts.

Cath Kidston Zip Purse

I’ve been looking for a laminated slim pouch just to throw my essentials into it so I don’t forget to bring them when I switch bags. I look specifically for laminated pouches because it’s sturdier than just a canvass pouch and it’s easy to clean. At first I want the one from Fossil but I think it’s too expensive and they sell it in packs of three or four different sizes (which I will end up only using one or two). I was browsing Cath Kidston website to see the new prints for autumn when I remember that Cath Kidston also sells laminated pouches! So here’s the four candidate of the zip purse, I can not make my decision about the prints so I just throw the ones I liked here and I’ll choose the one that are available in the store and looks cute!

This has turned into quite a lengthy post, but those are my current wishlist! I hope you’re all having a nice day and do share your current wishlist in the comment down below!



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