The Everyday Lipstick // MAC See Sheer

MAC Lipstick in Se Sheer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know when you’re just going out to run errands or just doing something around the block and you don’t want to fuss with your make up but you want to look presentable? On those days, I just slap on sunscreen, powder a little, and put on lipstick to perk up my complexion. Nothing much, really. Even someone who doesn’t like make up would probably think, “yeah I can do that”. Right?

When I’m wearing minimal make up, I don’t want to suddenly wear a bright lipstick. I just think it might look ridiculous when I pair bright lips with panda eyes. I want to wear something that gives me just enough to look alive. MAC See Sheer isn’t exactly a my lips but better kind of color, because when applied heavily it can look kind of reddish on me. But with a very light layer of my trusty lip balm Nuxe reve de miel underneath and a swipe or two of MAC See Sheer, it really brightens up my face! The lip balm is optional though, I just like it because it’s matte so it kind of take down the shine from the lipstick (MAC See Sheer is in Lustre formula, which have quite a shiny/glossy finish).

What’s your current everyday lipstick choice? Share in the comment below!


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