REVIEW // The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash

DSC_0202I’m back with another review! This time it’s The Body Shop Cool and Creamy Wash. I have to admit at first I was attracted to this product because it has the word cool. I’m a sucker for cooling products, mainly because I live in a hot and humid country, so a cooling face wash was very tempting. Moreover, I have normal to dry skin and I find foamy face wash leaves my face feeling tight, so I’m always looking for a cream cleanser. And of course, the side effect of following way too many beauty blogs on Bloglovin means I was aware of this product long before it hit the stores here in Indonesia. So without doubt I snatched one of this the second I find it in stores.

First impression was, this product really is cool! The texture is, well, as the name suggests, creamy. It’s kind of thick — which is good– because I don’t have to use a lot of product for one wash. And although this isn’t a foaming product, I find it spreads and washes easily. Some cream cleanser tend to leave a layer of something on the skin (I don’t know what, maybe like oil?) after washing away with only water, but that wasn’t the case with this cleanser. I don’t think this cleanser is good for removing make up, though. It’s okay for me, as I prefer using separate make up remover before actually cleansing my face. And for those of you who have sensitive eyes, beware not to use this too close to the eye area because the cooling effect sting your eyes quite bad.

Coming from the Tea Tree line, this cleanser is supposed to be good for blemished skin. I’m not blemish prone myself, so I can’t really comment on this properties. I do get odd spots around the hairline and between my eyebrows every now and again, but I don’t think this cleanser help the healing process nor do I find it worsen the spots. But then again, if you want something for your blemished skin, I wouldn’t rely on just a cleanser to help the healing process. Overall, I think this is a very nice, no fuss, refreshing, creamy cleanser that I really like. In fact, I am now on my second tube! Another good thing, both times I bought this cleanser, I never pay full price! I often find The Body Shop having sale, whether it’s for a specific range or storewide or online. So, be sure to keep an eye out for promotions, especially if you have some products that you buy regularly!

Do you have a cream cleanser recommendation? Please comment below!


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