Expanding My Brush Collection

Hakuhodo J5523 J142


You might not notice, but I’m a starter at all this makeup and beauty related things. I’m just building up my collection, and beauty tools are one of the things in my stash that really is lacking. Seriously, I’m not just saying this! Up to this point, I only have five brushes and one very old eyelash curler. Out of the five brushes, four are face brushes. Well, to be exact, they’re the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Travel Essentials, and Everyday Minerals Flat Top Kabuki Brush. One of the brush from the Travel Essentials set is an eye brush, and that’s the only eye brush I have! At first I really didn’t mind not having more than one eye brush since the only eye shadow I use is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to The Bronze which is a cream shadow and can be used just with your fingers. But lately, with all the free time I have, I started watching more YouTube Beauty Gurus that are make up artists in real life and I am just amazed at their skill when it comes to applying eye shadows. They can really create a very colorful, dramatic eye look or very subtle defined neutral eye look. And from my observation, aside from their amazing skill, it also comes down to the tools! So now I’m determined to build up my brush collection, starting with eye brushes.

One of the beauty gurus that I really like is Karima from Shameless Fripperies (Blog/YouTube). She is just gorgeous! And she has this video and a post about her favorite eye brushes. It was inspirational. I have to say what she said in some of her videos that she is quite spoiled for choice, so her line up of favorite eye brushes does lean on the more expensive, high end brushes. But on her post she does explain that some of her favorite japanese handmade brushes aren’t exactly more expensive than it’s equivalent, one of those being Hakuhodo J5523 (the closest Hakuhodo offering to MAC 217). Before, I was determined to buy the MAC 217 since it’s the best, most easily available blending brushes around. But after reading Karima’s post, I decided I need to do my research on Hakuhodo availability in Indonesia. After some comprehensive reading on Femaledaily forum (an Indonesian forum with extensive beauty section) — warning : once you get in you will come out wanting a few dozen beauty items! — I found two japanese cosmetic seller that does pre orders of Hakuhodo brushes with good price. One of them being iroiroshopu. Long story short, I end up pre-ordering a Hakohodo J5523 and Hakuhodo J142 from iroiroshopu and these brushes are expected to arrive two weeks from the closing pre order date which happens to be this Friday (October 31st). I can’t wait! I will certainly write a post about these brushes after they arrived and I’d have a proper play around with them. So for now, I can only pray the process will be carried out nice and smooth and I will have a couple new brushes in two weeks time!

Oh, I almost forgot. As for the prices, I bought both Hakuhodo J5523 and Hakuhodo J142 for IDR 250.000,00 each which I can only say is a very good price since a MAC 217 retails for more than that (I can’t remember exactly how much but I believe it’s around IDR 270.000-370.000 — don’t quote me on that!). A higher quality brushes for cheaper price? Hell yes! I have to say though, I believe there are other cheaper, decent blending brushes out there, which will work out fine for some people. But I’m just always prefer to spend more money on something I know will be good rather than trying out different cheaper options only to end up caving and buy the more expensive options. So, to each their own, I guess.. See you in the next post! x


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