The Birthday Wishlist

birthday wishlist
I was going to write a wishlist, but then I realized that it’s less than a week away to my birthday, so instead of just a regular wishlist, I thought it would be fun compile a birthday wishlist! In my opinion, there’s no right or wrong in gift giving, but I find when we give someone something that they actually want, it’s more likely for them to like it, and therefore they will use it. Always nice to see your gift being used instead of just sitting in a corner collecting dust, right? So, if you’re one of those people who might want to give me a birthday present *wink wink* pick something from here and I guarantee I’ll like it!
Ever since I got the vial sample of Chloé Eau de Parfum, I’ve fallen in love. The one pictured above is the Roses De Chloé, a very similar scent to the original with a hint of roses thrown in. Very feminine, love it, ’nuff said. Recently I wrote a post about expanding my brushes collection (link here), so pictured above is the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush and Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush, which I want because of Anna. The Sheer Powder Brush would be good for pigmented blushes and the eye blender will be perfect for final blending of eyeshadow. The Nixon Kensington Leather in Rose Gold/White is a reappearance from the last wishlist (link here), haven’t got it, still want it, in it goes to the wishlist. The LORAC PRO Pallete have been repeatedly said as better than any Urban Decay Naked Shadows by numerous beauty blogger/YouTuber, and I really like how they included 8 matte shadows and 8 shimmery shadows. Some of the shades are neutral enough to wear daily, but there are some shades that can be used for more dramatic look. Just the perfect pallete for any beginner eyeshadow wearer like myself. I have just recently found out that ghd is sold in Indonesia (It’s available in Galleries Lafayette at Pacific Place if you’re wondering), pictured above is the limited edition ghd Birds of Paradise. Stunning, isn’t it? ghd is a bestselling professional hair styler in the UK, lots of people swear by it. I don’t use heat on my hair often because the hair straightener that I have is simply crap, but I do have quite an unmanageable hair, so it’s always nice to have a hot tools on hand when I want to keep my hair nice and neat. Next is a Lipstick Queen Sinner in Pink. Highend lipstick has always been my guilty pleasure, and these days I’ve been eyeing this one from Lipstick Queen. The Sinner range is matte with 90% pigment. The shade that I want is Pink, which is quite a natural, my lips but better shade. When buying highend lipstick I tend to choose the color that I’ll get the most use of, and I think Pink will be just that. The last one pictured is a Fossil Bifold wallet. I have been wanting a nice little wallet to wear when I’m using a small bag. This one is perfect to house my ID card, driver license, and a bit of a cash.
Well, that’s quite a wishlist. I have also been eyeing a DSLR, particularly the Canon 600D and the new Sony Xperia Z3, but I guess those might be too much to be included in a birthday wishlist. I do realize that some of the things from my wishlist might be too expensive for a gift, but well, this is just a wishlist after all. I can throw in whatever I want because I’m not forcing anyone to gift me any of the things from my wishlist. Last but not least, there’s always a Gift Voucher if nothing up there is gift-able. The MAP Gift Voucher is very nice for gift because it can be used in so many different stores, Sephora Indonesia included!

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