The Brush Cleaning Day

The brush cleaning day

Anyone who wears make up regularly probably has at least one brush in their arsenal. And anyone who have make up brush should know that it has to be cleaned in order to prevent bacteria from growing and moving from one make up product to another and eventually to your face, giving you breakouts. There’s several ways to clean your make up brushes, one of them is to spray some cleaning solution into the bristles of your brush and wipe it off and it’s good to go. The other is to ‘deep clean’ the brush by running the brush under tap water and shampooing the bristles until all the make up residue is gone. After that you’ll have to position the brushes horizontally (on it’s side), I usually put a towel underneath, and let it airdry in a room with no direct sunlight. I personally have never tried the first method, because one, I don’t have that much brushes, and two, I don’t want to have to buy a separate brush cleaning solution when you can cheaply buy a baby shampoo and deep clean your brush easily.

The problem with deep cleaning your brush is that you’ll have to wait for quite a while until the bristles are all dried and only after that you can use it again. It usually takes overnight for my Real Techniques brushes to be completely dry. I’m no expert about make up brushes, but I once read that brushes with synthetic hairs are faster to dry compared to brushes with natural hairs. For people who have several make up brushes intended for the same purpose may not need to worry about how long a brush will dry because they can wash one and still have another back up. But as for me, I pretty much only have one brush for one purpose, so because of that, I always try to strategically allocate the time to wash my make up brushes. Usually on a day when I know I don’t need to wear any make up.

I’ve noticed recently that Sundays seem to have become my brush cleaning day. Most likely because Sundays are lazy day for me, so I almost never wear make up on Sundays. Sometimes, I clean it in the morning when I know I won’t be going out for the day, or I clean them at night and let them airdry with the hope that it’s ready to use the next morning (they usually are). As I don’t have that much brushes, I tend to clean the most used ones all at the same time, just so I know exactly when’s the last time I cleaned them. I usually clean my synthetic brushes every one to two weeks, depending on how often I use them, but I only clean my Hakuhodo J5523 and J142 (both have natural hairs) when I feel like it’s getting very dirty and stained. These hakuhodo brushes comes with specific instruction to wipe excess products from the hairs on to a tissue paper after each use so it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. I don’t really know why, but I think deep cleaning these kind of brushes too often will damage the hairs.

Washing your make up brushes can be a chore, especially if you have a lot of them. But I always find it very satisfying to line up a clean wet brush on top of a towel, knowing that tomorrow you’ll have shiny clean brushes to use. I find it helps to designate a particular day in a week to clean your brushes to help you keep track of when’s the last time a brush is washed.

How do you usually clean your brushes? Do you have any special day to clean them? Do share in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “The Brush Cleaning Day

  1. I used to wash my brushes every week but I’ve been so lazy recently. I use baby shampoo to wash mine, I didn’t even realise you could use regular shampoo. I think my brushes would smell so much better if I did haha.

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