Review & Swatch // Lipstick Queen in Sinner Coral

Lipstick Queen Sinner Coral (1 of 1)

Lipstick Queen Sinner Coral (2 of 1)

Lipstick Queen Sinner Coral (4 of 2)

So some of you might have seen the Lipstick Queen in Sinner formula appeared on my birthday wishlist post. Turns out my friend Ema bought it for my birthday present! How kind of her! She isn’t so much into make up, so she did ask me what shade I wanted. At first I wanted Pink, but then she sent me a picture of the swatch and it looked so much cooler than I thought. She then asked whether or not I wanted Coral because she thought it looked better. At first I’m concerned that it would look too similar with MAC See Sheer (It’s the one she got me last year!), but she assured me it doesn’t and so she got me Coral.

Oh, and that was like a day or two before she got back to Indonesia from her stay in Australia. So the next day after she got home, we met up and she gave it to me along with some really cute souvenirs for my sisters and my mom. Of course I was most excited about the Lipstick Queen! I go ahead and tried it on and I was surprised by how pigmented it is! I know that Lipstick Queen said it’s 90% pigment, but still I didn’t expect this level of pigmentation! It’s insane. Although it’s very pigmented, it’s actually quite easy to blend. I’m not really comfortable with a bold shade, so I just swipe a little in the center of the lips, a little in each corner of the lips, and blend it. The color, as I have expected, is quite similar with my MAC See Sheer, but it’s brighter and much more pigmented. So, no. It’s not ‘basically the same color’.

I don’t usually like matte lipsticks, but this isn’t totally matte. It has a tiny hint of shine, which I really don’t mind. I usually apply a thin layer of my Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm underneath this lipstick (well, all lipsticks actually!) and I either dab and blend or I swipe when I want a full on bold lips. The staying power is great. Even when I worn it sheer, I can still see some color after I eat. When worn full on, the color does fade after I eat but I’m not one to fuss with my lip color, so it’s totally fine! I have never tried wearing it without any lip balm underneath, but with a layer of lip balm, my dry lips can survive this quite matte shade very well. All in all, this is such a very nice lipstick and I’m totally going to buy more if I ever visited a place with Lipstick Queen counter!

Do you own any Lipstick Queen lipstick? What formulation and color do you like best? Do tell in the comments down below 😀


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