The Brow Grooming Tools


I’m one of those people who are blessed with full eyebrows. But with it, comes the responsibility to groom them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my eyebrows. I love how I don’t need to wear any products on my brows and still have my face framed perfectly. I basically have a unibrow/monobrow, it’s not that bad because the hair between the two eyebrows are more sparse, but up close you can definitely see that they’re connected in the middle. It’s not like people are going to come that close to me that they’ll be able to see, but I can and that’s annoying enough that I decided to take care of it.

As you might have known, there are several ways to groom eyebrows, like waxing, shaving, plucking, and threading. Those are the methods used to shape the eyebrow, but if like me, you have extremely long hairs on your eyebrows then you might need to cut them too. Personally, I’ve tried all the methods mentioned above. All I do on my own because I just can’t trust my eyebrows to other people. I mean, eyebrow shapes are personal preferences and I’m afraid if I let other people do my eyebrows they will shape it too thin or too arched, while I prefer my eyebrows to be slightly thicker and not too arched. The top part of my eyebrows are naturally quite arched and if the base is shaped following the arch, I’m afraid I will look like I’m angry all the time.

The first time I ever took care of my brows was by waxing it. I bought the Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit from Watsons. It’s actually quite easy, you can just cut the strips according to the shape of the eyebrows, and then rub it between your hands to warm the wax, place it on the parts you want to wax and just yank it off. Here’s a link to Allison’s video if you want to see the details on how it’s done. Waxing your eyebrows may make the skin red and slightly irritated, but no worries because the kit comes with the oil to soothe the skin after waxing. This method doesn’t reqiure a lot of time but sadly, I don’t know whether it’s the oil or the waxing itself, I started to get pimples between my eyebrows! So I decided to stop waxing my eyebrows and look for other alternatives.

I’ve been hearing that a lot of people converted to threading after their first time trying it, but me being me, I don’t want to go to a professional eyebrow threader. Instead, I looked up on YouTube for how to thread your own eyebrow and I found several videos that made it look so easy. So I grabbed whatever thread I could find and tried to thread my own eyebrow. I managed to thread my eyebrows, but let me tell you, it is hard. I can see why people like it, because unlike plucking, threading pull out several hairs at once, so it’s not too painful if done the right way. But it’s so hard I don’t see myself threading my own eyebrows regularly.

Last resort is the traditional shaving and plucking combination, which worked for me. Shaving eyebrows is much like shaving any other part of your skin, but it needs a different kind of razor. So, I bought a couple of cheap eyebrow razor from the nearest drugstore and I find that those works just fine. But with shaving, you can’t be as accurate as you’d like to, and you have to be very careful. You can easily shave off a part of your eyebrow when you’re actually just targeting a couple stray hair, and there’s also the possibility of cutting yourself because eyebrow razor, just like any other razor, is sharp. That’s why a pair of tweezer will always come in handy. I used to have a regular tweezer that works okay, but I kept hearing people praising Tweezerman and saying that it somehow works to easily pluck your hair with minimal pain. So, recently I finally bought a pair. There was a whole range of cute colors and patterns but I settled on the cheapest coral colored Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer. I’ve never used a tweezer from Tweezerman before and it seems like a good idea to just buy the cheapest one just in case it doesn’t work as good as what people said. But I’m happy to say that it had lived up to my expectation! I don’t understand how, but seriously this pair of tweezer makes plucking so easy, not to mention, almost painless.

Right now, I’m happy with my eyebrow grooming routine. I’m still curious about threading, but I’m not gonna go unless I’ve had other people recommended a good place. So, if you’re from Indonesia and you know a good threading place, do comment down below!


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