Swatch // Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer in Plum Pop


Early last year, Clinique released a range of lip color called Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer. It supposedly primes the lip so the color apply smoother and last longer. When it first launch the company seems to be giving away quite a few sets to bloggers and YouTuber, so the product picture was all over the internet in just a few weeks. I followed a lot of beauty blogs on Bloglovin and beauty vlogger in YouTube so I of course I got the exposure.

I don’t know whether it’s because some people got PR products or not but a lot of the bloggers/vloggers liked it and they say it actually lasts quite a while even though it’s such a creamy lipstick. By that time, I was already curious but of course the product was not yet available in Indonesia. Time passed by and I’ve forgotten about it. I wasn’t even thinking about having one until around October and I was compiling a wishlist for my birthday. I stumbled upon this lipstick again and I finally asked my sister to gift it for me.

By my birthday, which was November, it was already stocked in local department store counters so I actually went along with my sister to buy it because I just couldn’t pick a shade. Thinking about it now, I’m glad I was there to pick the shades because most of the color looked much brighter in real life than what I saw online. After trying out a bunch of shades I finally choose Plum Pop, which according to the SA was the most popular among customers. Here’s the swatch :


Plum Pop is a medium pinky-plum shade that leans toward the cooler side. I chose this color because I don’t have a similar one in my collection yet. When I tried the tester on the counter, I think the color looks nice on me, but when I got home and tried it on again, I didn’t like it as much as the first time. I think my mistake was that I didn’t try going outdoors to see how the color looks on me under natural light. The lights in the department store makes it look warmer and so I was a bit disappointed when I found that under natural light the color makes my lips look a bit too purple on my lips. Formula wise, the lipstick itself applies very smoothly and does lasts for quite a bit, around 4-5 hours on me. It’s not moisturizing but it definitely does not dry out my lips. With the color that I have, I did’t have any issue with feathering, but then again I didn’t own the darkest of shades available.

Bottom line : I think this is a very nicely formulated lipstick. The color range is quite wide, though I would love to see darker nudes and warmer pinks.


Do you own any of the Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer? How do you like it? Tell me in the comment section below!